About Us
About us

Fuego as its name connotate we are people with ‘FIRE’. Fire to achieve extraordinary feats. We are an enthusiastic bunch of youthful and creative individuals with united vision.WE ARE MOTIVATED TO BUILD VALUABLE COMPANIES THAT PEOPLE LOVE.

Our Story

Sparked in early 2013, between 23rd and Lexington Avenue-New York and later lit up in India with headquarters at Chennai. We are now spreading the light and warmth across our Bangalore office. New York, as it has always been the hub for advertising still attracts the best and the brightest till date.

We are providers of heavy dose collaborative problem-solving skills and that sets us apart. We are not just plain marketers or service providers but relationship builders. Precisely the intelligent connections. We create, build, analyze and improve them. Our efforts are channelized towards evolving technologies. We come up with innovative ways to create the Omni-channel, unified marketing efforts across platforms thus ensuring meaningful & long-term relationships.

We are the outcome of accident and shortcomings. Shortcomings of agencies which we couldn’t find when we were Clients. We could just not understand why simple things couldn’t happen seamlessly and without a glitch.That resulted in Fuego!

Fuego is the agency which we couldn’t find. Our existence is due to the problems we faced as clients. That’s the reason why we are flexible to different needs and still work with lean structures.


Founded in 2013, Fuego’s vision is to build valuable companies by cohesive marketing processes and methodologies. We exist to create seamless marketing experience. One that brings the ethos of the company and create meaningful relationships with their customers. We strive to incorporate the most cutting-edge marketing techniques available.

  • About Us
  • About Us
  • About Us
  • “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

    — Seth Godin

  • “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

    — Tom Fishburne

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  • “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

    — Wendy Piersall

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Our Beliefs


Think Big

No one has achieved big without thinking big. We believe in trying to reach for big things in life. It doesn’t come easy but we achieve greater things. Thinking big is the first step towards making difference and challenging self.

Work Smart

Working hard is not always the smartest way. More than us our work, work harder for us. We ensure our efforts are unified and channeled towards results. Results that serve your marketing requirements in long term.

Talk Straight

We talk straight about numbers, goals, and returns. That makes us different. we believe in transparency and honesty.

Play Nice

It’s important to fuel businesses with cash but more important to earn them honestly. We believe in moral and fair games. This makes us excellent at our play with our goals high and boundaries stretched.


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