This reality show increased their engagement by 400% online

This reality show increased their engagement by 400% online

Bigg Boss Kannada 2 was the second season of the reality series Bigg Boss in Kannada. The broadcast rights were acquired from Endemol India by Star Suvarna tv.

The show saw its grand premiere on 29 June 2014 with Sudeep, the Kannada superstar as the host. Adding a lot of star value to the show to begin with. This is the only reality show where the contestants have to participate for 100 days without getting out of the Bigg boss house.

AkulBalaji was the title winner of this season with maximum votes.

Languages play a vital role, to create connect.Bigg Boss Kannada just did that, it instantly connected with the audiences, showcasing soaring TRP’s and drawing attention.


Bigg Boss Hindi was already successful.There was live video streaming of the show as well. Although we did not have live streaming for Kannada, we had to create a dialogue with the target audience!

To create a space for Bigg Boss Kannada in the audience mind, who were typically not used to such show format. Also ensuring pure organic growth with minimum or no scope for paid advertising.

As a reality show, there would always be fan following and clashes between fans for different celebrities. In such times to keep the check on audience sentiments and filtering extremely negative comments and content.With all this and keeping the engagement interesting, interactive as well as informative with respect to polling and voting.


“Social TV” is the amalgamation of social media content into TV shows and the campaigns to engage audiences with shows.

The potential synergies between both TV and social media are game changing.

Bigg Boss Kanada 2 was promoted both by Twitter hashtags and Facebook discussions while displaying selected viewer Google hangouts interview on air. Through second-screens and contextual content, promoting social media platforms on air that encourage fans to play games with other fans or contribute their own brand-specific content to these platforms.

Viacom study showed that Social TV fans engage in up to 10 types of  Television related activities on social media as follows.

72% Interact with friends and fans.
57% follow/like a TV show
61% share or recommend
61% watch full clips and trailers
66% search for info and show schedules
49% play games or sign up for freebies

Fans TV viewing behaviors have been changed by social media, and networks and companies like us have adopted this strategy as viewers they have multitasked the viewer’s attentions across multi screens.

With reality show Bigg Boss, where we quantified the social media strategies using data on real-time public viewer responses on Twitter and Facebook, showed that social TV strategy are indeed successfully increasing and sustaining user engagement.


Ensuring contagious engagement resulting in higher engagement. Selecting right channels to achieve desired results. Channels selected were as follows:

  • Google Hangouts
  • Google +
  • Facebook
  • Microsite – Blogs section in the Kannada language
  • Twitter


Launching With a Bang

Instead of providing all the information up front, perhaps having a suspense-filled event was effective. We generated curiosity with pre-show countdown about the celebrities and the drama that’s waiting to unfold, the show enthusiasts were logged on digitally as well as traditionally.

As the celebrities aren’t disclosed before the show. We kept the audiences quizzed! Giving the right take off generating ample traction.

The Show Time

Real-time content sharing by plugging in our content associate in THE BIGG BOSS house. Here we were one point up with an access to the editing room, exclusive images, updates and live gossip. Enabling constant feedback to the programming team and generating unique content.

Constant live feed from dusk to dawn, from show launch till winner announcement updated constantly.

This resulted into upward traction from the beginning which was because of sharing live data. Covering quite of some breaking moments such as celebrity disclosure, consequent performance and all the high and low points through the night.

Religiously updating the newsfeed across different channels in regional language. Regional language connects instantly and proactive interactions. Apart from regional language usage of English ensured widespread reach.

Amplifying the Drama

Planned entertaining posts such as MEM campaign, rightly timed funny pictures of the contestants. This amplified the drama and bought some brownie points in terms of comedy and refreshment.

Google Hangouts, every week with celebrities/ Bigg boss inmates. The weekly selected celebrities would be brought to the studio and live chatting with fans was enabled. This took the fan engagement program to another level.

To Vote or Not

As an integral part of a reality show the votings were online and social media played a very vital role.

The role of constant reminder and information about the nominated contestants. Creating the urge to save their favorite celebrities. Posting vote appeals for nominated contestants since the lines opened till the closure.

Also sharing data with the audit agency who then ensured, there isn’t any duplication in the voting system.

Making meaning out of the data

Data gathered was further utilized to evolve a content strategy. Qualitative factors such as fans and viewers sentiment were evaluated. They were collected through reactions captured on various digital platforms.

To create engaging content the content strategy was twisted according to these factors.


On platforms such as google+, created first time by us for Suvarna TV,

Generated 2334040 hits and 78988 connections in meager 3.5 months.

Suvarna TV’s page likes shot up to 3x

SuvarnaTv’s page likes before the show – 123k likes

Post the show – 357k likes

*Engagement rate shot from 10 % to 20% (i.e 20% of the fan following was engaged most of the time)

(*likes, shares and comments)

Average number of interactions per post – 2000 – 2500 (likes/ shares/ comments)



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