How Brand strategy and Brand Identity was achieved from Spring Med Spa Logo

How Brand strategy and Brand Identity was achieved from Spring Med Spa Logo


As a leading marketing agency, we understand a logo is a critical element of a company’s identity. A logo consists of several strategic aspects which are unique. With a distinctive shape, color and text that are meaningful and true to the core.


To position it as a medical spa. The market was already stormed with numerous beauty and slimming spas.

Our strategy is a BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY. Unlike competing with the bleeding RED OCEAN markets we aimed at creating a unique one.

How is it unique?

Spring Med Spa has world class Cosmetic & Medical spa. They have their services starting from a minimum of Rs.5000. With all procedures supervised under Dr. T. Rajinikanth MBBs, MS, MCh, FAM. They make sure each patient is given care before, during and after the procedure.

This is first such spa that has a leading doctor at its helm.


We ensure from the beginning that client requirements and our work are in sync at all the stages.

Design Brief: We systematically conduct a meeting with the client for the design brief. In this case, the logo is a 1’st time creation. So we had to ensure the business module and logo are completely synchronized.

Research: We conduct a thorough research focused on the industry. In which the client is operating, its history, ideology and existing competitors.

Sketching and Conceptualizing: Before we begin with any execution. Our team of highly experienced market strategists and designers undergo a brainstorming session. After a thorough discussion, logo design concepts are developed around the brief and research.

Reflection: We take breaks through the design process. This lets the ideas to mature and helps us get renewed enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the ongoing work is reviewed by our expert marketing strategies. The logo is further built on their insightful feedback.

Presentation: We choose to present a select few logos from various logo options to the client. And conduct a review and revise the work till client’s expectations are met.



We have mapped the color emotion guide and every color is handpicked. To meet the brand requirements according to consumer mindsets. How they will perceive the brand basis the logo colors is the crux of our logo services.

BLUE represents the emotional traits of being trustworthy, dependable and strong. First, of its kind medical spa, it was important to show that you can depend on us for all your skin requirements.

GREENrepresents emotions such as life, freshness, nature, peaceful, growth and health.Appropriately representing the unique medical – health spa which will provide a peaceful experience and outgrow its own standards.

YELLOW represents optimism, clarity, and warmth. True to its business aspect they optimistically promise to help customers with skin needs.


As a psychological perspective shapes and symbols are most relevant when it comes to memory. We understand that human brains are hardwired to memorize the shapes and symbols. “You may forget what or how it is spelled but it’s very difficult to forget a shape or symbol”.

A distinct shape is recognized and remembered even long after you have viewed it, you tend to connect it to the brand immediately.

There is a tendency to differentiate between the type and symbol. In reality, letters are nothing but shapes that we associate with meaning and sounds.

When designing a logo we work on the shape of each letter form, to add meaning in the finest form.

This association leads to a powerful and memorable logo.


The symbolic representation of leaves is to showcase that The Spring Med Spa offers its customers a relaxing atmosphere. Just as you would have experienced near a spring, refreshing and relaxing.

Every element in this spa is built to exuberate soothing and comforting ambiance. Ensuring that the client is at ease even in the most uncomfortable medical procedures.


The shapes of the letters are in a form that it represents nature and spring uniquely.

With proper flow and curvature to ensure reinforcement of the brand.


Our logo tells a story, which has a tone and feel, conveys emotion and carry’s a history. The visual has a conscious and subconscious meanings and associations to its customers.

With both well-researched and intuitive awareness of the Spring Med Spa – a medical spa business. It’s worthwhile history of being launched by a leading doctor. The consumer psychology towards the color, leaf shape and letter shape use. We have successfully created a memorable logo.

We at Fuego Systems create a logo that contributes and help inform the customers and build their perception of the brand.


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