How Followon app gamified the stadium experience for the cricket fans

How Followon app gamified the stadium experience for the cricket fans

Followon application is a fan relationship management and engagement effort. To enhance the stadium experience while the fans are engaged in the game. This is done by integrating multiple platforms such as play store, video screen, in-stadium scoreboards, signages, and ticketing. All these platforms are woven together into a seamless technology.

Fans are moving towards engaging on second-screen devices while watching sports at live events. A stadium in India designed a Wi-Fi system capable of supporting match day crowds and integrated a second-screen app into the network. The Followon app offered users live commentary, exclusive content, social sharing features, and lastly gamify the experience with Quizzes related to the sport. Each right answers would give points. These points could be redeemed at the food counter also winners would get a grand prize of a car or an opportunity to meet a cricketer.

Followon App helps the brand take the fans experience to another level, engage with the brand at the grass root level. Ensuring incremental revenue for sports entities.


To engage with the fans who are watching live match. Engaging on the second screen, without interrupting the live experience.

Marketing brands at the same time.


We offered consultation for:

  • Design suggestions and research
  • Designing User Experience
  • Gaming Interface design
  • Examining Live feed for final handover

Leading the game towards digital transformation:

Because Follow on wanted to use digital expertise to engage the fans through gamification they consulted Fuego systems.

Followon choose Fuego even when they had state of art technologies, but they knew they required digital expertise. This partnership led to a gamifying solution that engages the fans and generates revenue.

Fan Engagement Platform

The infrastructure was existent Fuego acted as the consulting engine of the solution. They suggested that the platform capture as well as store all the interactions with fans. Interactions in the form of fan profile updates, picture uploads, reactions, quizzes and in-stadium merchandise sales.

Consumer App

The Follow-on is an interactive app, designed for iOS and android platforms, was created using the.NET Framework. Fans access the app on their mobile phones or tablets to have the T 20 brand as part of their experience wherever they are. They can use the app to virtually access the stadium before the game, during the game, and after the game.

Fans get simplified registration and login through the use of social accounts for example Facebook, or traditional method of username/password for a seamless experience across mobile applications on any platform.

One-on-one engagement with thousands of fans

Traditionally sports bodies only had a one-way communication method of sharing information with its fans, without being able to get any feedback from fans.

With follow-on, Team India now has a solution to collect and analyze information about its fans. Which it can use to interestingly engage with fans.

For example, the app can collect and discover individual preferences for providing more relevant content to that fan. There is provision for a loyalty in-stadium offer, or even a simple message thanking the fans for investing efforts in form of time and money in watching live match.

Loyalty programs in form of points and their redemption.Gamification enabled creating leader boards. Leaderboards showcase the fans ranking among other players/fans.  The points redemption was in the form of various brand promotion. Promotion of cold drink brand and the ultimate winner with maximum points got a grand prize of a car or to meet a famous Cricketer.

Showcasing selfies and pictures of fans and their leader boards on the live screens.

Helping brands create a one to one relationship enabling relationship marketing. Connecting a huge community of same interests and supporter of the same team.

The goal of segregating the targeted fan base into profiles and serve them basis their liking bring them close to the team and brands.

Creating near-real-time marketing campaigns

The Followon App takes all the user information collected on the platform through their actions and generate a precise user profile for every fan. As a result, in stadium marketers are able to offer customized marketing package that ultimately helps the brand increase revenues.

Based on fan preference, personalized email marketing can be executed.

Marketers can use insights gained through Followon App to plan, create, and optimize their campaigns driving the best engagements with its fan base.

Business Transformation

With gamification, it expands its solution and adds new features to engage with fans in unique ways.

Followon will continue to completely transform in-stadium experiences. Followon platform is rebuilding and reinterpreting engagement in a way that makes it possible for teams, brands, and fans to do things that used to be impossible.


150% higher in-stadium engagement through App

200% more app downloads during the game series

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