The Home salon use our Inbound marketing techniques to increase their leads 4x

The Home salon use our Inbound marketing techniques to increase their leads 4x


How Inbound Marketing for lead generation was DECODED for the home salon-Mumbai

The Home Salon Spa allows you to indulge in the choicest of beauty & spa therapies without stepping out of your home comfort.  They get salon services at your doorstep at your convenient time. They are a team of highly trained professionals. Maintaining excellent hygiene and procedure standards.


Grow and Nurture List of Qualified Leads while reducing cost per conversion.

The home salon spa had already executed their outbound marketing activity. This generated them the initial traction. However, they were not able to understand which traffic was channeled by inbound organic marketing efforts. The difficulty was to segregate the customer acquisition from these two channels. And understand if their inbound organic marketing efforts made any difference to their number, were there any sales conversions was still blur to them.

There was lead data in the form of excel sheets, CRM, and an in-house call center. This data was color coded, shared with marketing and sales team. Manual process was tedious and time-consuming, also the data was limited.

To top it as mentioned before all these practices didn’t segregate the channel from which the leads came. At the same time, the ROI one lead gave wasn’t noted.

Their BTL activities were successful, however, the cost per lead was invariably high. The challenge was to turn this around to REDUCE the cost per lead with inbound marketing efforts.


Inbound marketing starts with an understanding of buyer persona. Basically who your potential buyers are and what information they need to see while searching for solutions to their problems. With this understanding, businesses can create and share valuable content that attracts the right people to the website. This valuable content often includes blogs, videos, infographics, and webinars. In our case, we have made the best use of blogs and Search engine Optimization.

To receive any details about The Home Salon, web visitors must give their contact information by filling forms. By doing this, they convert into potential leads. Once the lead is identified, lead nurturing and contextual strategies were designed specifically to appeal to potential buyers. Not only at the information seeking stage but at various stages of the buyer journey. From cultivating leads through the sales funnel until purchasing the sales team followed up.

Website and its Search Engine Optimization:

Fuego’s team implemented inbound marketing techniques generating organic leads and ensuring conversions. SEO optimized content with a right number of word density. A targeted advertisement that worked on generating detailed analytics. Running pay per click campaigns on Google and Facebook. Optimized the landing pages so the user experience is uninterrupted and we achieve the awareness goal

By driving organic traffic to THE HOME SALON website. Pure leads that would then convert into sales and generate revenue were identified. Apart from this also monitored which particular lead brought in more leads. And how much business one particular lead generated.

The look of their website, which is the consumer’s first impression about the business gained for them brownie points:

  • The design is minimalistic and neat, with choices of words.
  • There is prominent “Book appointment” button at the eye level to catch customers attention first.
  • The page encourages consumers to download their app.
  • They integrated all the Social Networks they use on the website with dedicated buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


  • There is a clear editorial line, with engaging content around salon services and beauty.
  • Regular posts with new posts at least once or twice a week.
  • The blog is entertaining and lively with pictures.


  • Apt use of social media platform Facebook is done to share the articles of the blog.
  • To converse with the customers.
  • Work on their feedback and comments.
  • As well as inform about offers and discounts.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing and monitoring the email campaign with respect to how many people viewed the email and how many sent it to trash. Giving a fair idea of where the traffic was directed from. Implemented marketing automation tools that helped in identifying the lead origin and manage the ROI.

Pay Per Click and Display Advertising Campaign

Executed pay per click campaign to generate leads. And display marketing to spread awareness. Channeling the efforts towards defined buyer persona. At the same time keeping the acquisition cost low.


Inbound marketing efforts resulted in online traffic boost of up to 120%.

5% jump in the number of leads. Resulting in 2% conversions.


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