Jain Housing sky-rocket their lead generation by 200% from digital marketing

Jain Housing sky-rocket their lead generation by 200% from digital marketing
Shifting the Real Estate realm lead generation from digital marketing


Jain Housing society’s vision to create an Eco-friendly environment that provides excellent quality homes, best service hence decking up the standard of life of India & across the globe. They are updated and hence flexible to industry changes. Being flexible ensures anticipatory actions in advance. For future, they have planned to grow technically as well as geographically into globally renowned organization.


To garner visibility, raise awareness and sales lead. To assist the real estate firm Jain Housing Society in its transition from offline advertising to online advertising.

How did we go about it?

Fuego systems planned to face the challenge with the help of Pay per Click campaign. This was carried out on Facebook and Google platforms.

Till date Jain Housing Society had carried out print advertising and they made huge investments in the same. To shift their focus from there to the digital online platform was quite a task.

Fuego started with the following steps:

Defining Key Performance indicator for the campaign

In this case, the key performance indicators were the number of inquiries raised and the consequent leads generated. It was important that the people not only view the ad but fill the contact forms or call on the given numbers.

For the Pay Per Click campaign effort, the ability to track the number of factors was helpful.

Factors such as:

  • Source of the lead, where is it coming from – which platform specifically
  • Number of inquiries in form of emails or phone calls the ad generated
  • Revenue estimate generated by the calls
  • Actual sales generated by the ad

Segmenting the target market

Jain housing societies have their properties in Chennai. So the target market was definitely geographically Chennai but physiological as well as psychological well defined. Buyers who are not only looking for a comfortable house but aspirant towards a better lifestyle. People who are very much interested in updating their lifestyle. They want everything around the society’s nook from schools to hospital.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the PPC campaign was divided into several separate efforts:

  • National campaign for buyers PAN India
  • Local campaign within Chennai
  • International campaign for Dubai-based buyers

Each of the above segments is relevant and has an impact on the choice of keywords and contextual data regarding the message for the ads in all the campaigns.

Utilizing PPC ads for better local search

PPC effort was channelized across Google AdWords, as well as AdWords Express – it’s an offering for small and local businesses, for the local campaigns.

An AdWords account was created and the campaigns were managed through the dashboard. Adwords express was utilized as some keywords such as Flats in Chennai are as high as INR 300 to INR 500. Through AdWords express, it was targeted just towards the local market resulting in lower cost per click. The Jain housing societies ads showed up on the Google’s result page but as it was an ad it was differentiated with a blue pin.
The motive behind using AdWords Express was to increase in local market visibility and lower the cost.

PPC ad extensions

Jain Housing societies pay per click ads were presented in one of three other ways:

  • As Regular PPC ad
  • Included Sitelinks
  • Included location extension

The last 2 options give additional benefits of boosting the real estate ad’s SERP, and each site link clicks giving additional clicks.

The above option did not add any additional cost to the running ads, just that the experts had added the extensions in the campaigns.

Site link extension

Within the PPC campaign, the Adwords specified the site link text, such as “Know More”. This leading to campaign landing page.

Location extension

Jain Housing Society’s AdWords account was eligible for the location extensions. As they had linked Google Places account to their AdWords account. The campaign mentioned that the Google Place page extension be appended to relevant ads.

Continuous optimizing the process

Once the PPC campaign was implemented and showcased favorable results. Fuego team kept testing and optimizing it further.

The testing included testing ad copy text, headline, keywords and call to action. There was A/B campaign testing that was executed. The best performing ad copies, call to actions and creative were used, which helped in achieving the goals.
The team kept on researching new keyword opportunities, also non-performing keywords were paused.


Various Pay Per Click campaign options were put into action to improve its key performance indicator. Key performance indicators such as cost-per-booked improved by 60%, and achieve a 300% return-on-ad-spend, and got 150increase revenue by 74%.

  • Return-on-ad-spend was 300% against Print 150%
  • Revenue increased 74%
  • Cost-per-click for best keywords decreased by 118%
  • Click through rate increased 76%

The transition from traditional print to PPC effort was a successful and through a combination of engaging an effective strategy, partnering with experts and taking smart marketing decisions in the entire process helped Jain Housing Society to achieve desired goals.


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