How Zee kannada increased their viewership coming from social media

How Zee kannada increased their viewership coming from social media

How Zee Kannada leverages second screen phenomena to drive viewership.

With cut-throat competition from every tv channel with reality shows, it becomes important to go the extra mile and tap the viewers outside the purview of television. Like online media has assimilated conventional media, so is conventional media anchoring new age media to leverage viewership gains.

Channels today need to come up with unique story lines, this matters as content for a lot of serials have become a mere to copy of each other.

And here lays the challenge to differentiate Zee Kannada’s storylines, audiences, and content.

They faced different challenges when formulating social media plan.

One such is holding the audience’s attention! Where audience’s attention span is reaching new low. It’s a challenge to keep up with the attention span and communicate the message. Leave apart the medium by which they consume. The millennials enjoy TV on their laptops and mobile devices which are now the second screen phenomenon.

Zee Kannada understands that social media is an amazing way to strike a conversation with right audiences. People today love to watch gif images, serial memes, and serial one-liners. This is the kind of content that generates buzz.

What we Did

One of the key challenges faced was to stand out of the crowd. We curated content that was shareable. Our approach was multi – pronged funneling to generate awareness about the existing shows and engage an existent responsive audience.

Our content architects made sure that they build good hype and anticipation for future posts and updates. We constantly build good content and kept the audiences updated with the latest development in various serials. So, by engaging people in real time we increased the number of social media following.

Apart from curating amazing content we also ran integrated polls, quizzes, contests to build the audiences.


We leveraged different Online Platforms as follows 

Search for the Niche 

To begin with, we started with finding our niche. And dug deeper for understanding positive and negative keywords. While we evaluated the broader terms we also included the shorter terms. Basically, performed geotargeting using location tags that were trending relating to Zee. Online reputation tools helped us get these data quicker.


For month’s our team kept revising the keyword’s list that performed better. Team Fuego was always on the lookout for keywords that generated high volumes of traffic, that resulted in higher conversion rates and had lower competition.

 Analysis of Zee Kannada Website

The team conducted website analysis to understand from where the previous traffic was generated. Which were the keywords that led to the web traffic? To have a better understanding of which keyword has the authority and which can be further improved.


We monitored the total number of conversations on Facebook the negative as well as the positive. Which helped us understand the audiences and their likes and dislikes better. Facebook can reach audiences and reach the unique audiences also. The targeting is more specific here. The filters that are offered by Facebook helps you reach a very niche target easily. We kept posting quizzes, contests, and interactive content increasing the following as well as the engagement.


A research has concluded that an average millennial or gen Z between the age group 0f 12 to 19 spend 86% of their time on smartphones and multiple times. And 70% of them watch videos on YouTube or in form of video content. The Instagram platform achieved a phenomenal growth from zero 50,000 followers in just a few months organically without any paid advertising.


One of the main cornerstones of our success was the unprecedented windfall of viewership from social media. The viewerships ranked in the higher echelons and people, in general, were very communicative in digital media.

Organically achieved a base of 50,000 followers on Instagram, highest any regional Kannada channel has had.

Spike in Facebook conversation by an average of  15-20%.


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